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Recent and upcoming selected screenings:

"Fluid" screens at the New Orleans film festival November 2023

"Fluid" screens at the Buffalo international film festival October 2023

"Puncture" screens at Bread and Roses film festival October 2023

"Fluid" screens at Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest 2023

"Lesbian Farmer" Screens with Interbay Cinema Society at Northwest Film Forum, Seattle WA June 2023

"Puncture" screens at Light Matter Film Festival, Alfred, NY, 2022

"Traces" screens at Centre Film Festival, Penn State University, Pennsylvania, 2022

"Puncture" screens at Mannheim Arts and Film Festival, Mannheim Germany

"Puncture" screens at CROSSROADS 2022, San Fransico, California

"Puncture" screens at Mimesis Documentary Film Festival, Boulder Colorado

"Estranged" screens at the 2022 University Film and Video Conference, Fredonia, NY

"Traces" screening at Roxy Theater, in conjunction with Museum of Sex, New York, NY, June 2022

"Lesbian Farmer" will be screening with the Thomas Edison Film Festival awarded Honorable Mention, 2022

"Traces" will be screening at Traverse Vidéo April 2022

"Estranged" screening at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, April 27, 2022

"Lesbian Farmer" is screening with ANALOGICA 11 December 2021

"Traces" at Engauge Experimental Film Festival, October 2021

"Estranged" makes its premiere at Mimesis Documentary Film Festival, August 2021

"Puncture" makes its premiere at Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin August 2021

"Lesbian Farmer" is screening through July with FlickFair July 2021

"Traces" at  Conference of the University Film and Video Association, July 2021

"Lesbian Farmer" at Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, June 2021

"Lesbian Farmer" at Experiments in Cinema v16.1, May 2021

'Traces"  and "Lesbian Farmer" Screens at SPHERE → WORLD CINEMA CARNIVAL, May 2021

"Traces" Screens at Peripheries Experimental Film & Video Festival, April 2021

" Traces" Screens at Harkat 16mm Film Festival 2020

"Lesbian Farmer" Screens at The 2020 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image


"Traces" Screens at Antimatter 2020


"Lesbian Farmer" Screens at the 2020 Drunken Film Fest Oakland


"Traces" Screens at CROSSROADS 2020

"Traces" Screens at IC Docs 2020

"Lesbian Farmer" Premieres at Ann Arbor Film Festival 2020

"Traces" Screens at Microscope Gallery March 2020

"Traces" Screens at Pugnant Film Series (Winter) Installation 2020

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