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The following films are a part of my research portfolio for Tenure and Promotion at the University of South Carolina. 

Password: PW2021

Puncture, 4 min, 16mm and digital, 2021

While the limits of language break visually and sonically over a burning forest, Puncture seeks to bend the boundaries of text through repetition until the original meaning is unseen.

Password: PW2021

Estranged, 7 min, digital, 2021

A network of voices, stories and memories that pass through one awkward telephone pole tree to another, ultimately providing a mode of communication and listening that connects across boundaries of estrangement. 

Password: pw2019

Traces, 4 min, 16mm, 2020

Retracing the space between human movements and climaxes through electric bills and coastal walks.


Password: lf2019

Lesbian Farmer, 2:24 min, 16mm, 2020

A brief meditation on coyotes, strained relationships and conservative talk radio.

Password: PW2023

(Fluid) Mosquito, 7 min, 16mm and digital, 2023

A film centered on a body losing another body through a winding pathway of forests where two cyclists chance upon one another. It thinks about natural camouflage alongside one’s own agency in not wanting to be seen.

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