Below are my films and videos in their entirety, with passwords provided below each video player

Password: pw2019

Traces, 4 min, 16mm, 2020

Retracing the space between human movements and climaxes through electric bills and coastal walks.

Password: di2018

Dyke in Sight, digital, 3:50 min, 2018

A passionate romance between landscapes and the lesbian lexicon.

Password: lf2019

Lesbian Farmer, 16mm, 2:24 min, 2020​

A brief meditation on coyotes, strained relationships and conservative talk radio.

Password: PW2021

Estranged, digital, work in progress, 2021

Uncovering the network of  voices, stories and memories that pass through one awkward telephone pole tree to another, ultimately providing a mode of communication and listening that connects communities across boundaries of estrangement. 

I Guess So (Barbarella) 2016, 8 min, digital

Remixing video from the 1968 movie Barbarella with recorded interviews with Jane Fonda, this video blurs lines between acting, performance and resistance